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[TenTec] Closet KW For Sale

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Subject: [TenTec] Closet KW For Sale
From: Michael Marx <sndtubes@vacuumtubes.com>
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Date: Thu, 10 May 2018 15:33:22 -0500
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I have decided to sell my Ten Tec Closet Kilowatt.  I want to sell as a package 
ONLY and will deliver for free to Dayton/Xenia.   Here is what what is in it:

1.  Omni VI+ Model 564 (not an option 3).   It is fully filtered up with the 
250, 500 & 1.8 2nd IF and a 1.8 KHz and 250 Hz 2nd IF  I believe it has the 
Radio is in good working condition.  Front panel is nearly perfect.  Case is 
scratched in places from putting it into the rack mount cabinet.  You can’t see 
them when it’s in the cabinet.

2.  Automatic Antenna Tuner Model 253.  Antenna tuner works just fine.  Front 
panel is very good, but just like the Omni, the case is a bit scratched from 
putting it into the rack cabinet

3.  Hercules II 550 watt amp.   Amplifier is in good shape and works as it 
should.  It has the 10/12 meter option installed.  Front panel is good, but 
like the other 2, the case is a bit scratched from
putting it into the rack cabinet.  This will include the Astron RS-70M power 
supply.   The guy who owned this previously apparently decided to go this route 
than buying the Ten Tec supply.   If you dedicate this supply
to the Hercules II, you get full or nearly full power on all bands.  You will 
need to power the radio from a separate power supply if you want full power 
from the amp.

The last time I used them, everything seemed to work well.   

Accessories included: Ten Tec mic, REMOTE TUNING POD and connecting cables.  
Also included are the original feet and bails if you decide to take the units 
out of the rack and put them
separately on your desk. 

Price is $1750 delivered to Dayton or Pickup within 100 miles of St. Louis.  I 
can also deliver it on the way to Dayton if you are within 50 or so miles of 
I-70 between St. Louis and Dayton.

You can call me about this at 636-939-9190   I can email pictures to seriously 
interested parties.


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