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[TenTec] tech special sale on OmniVI, Corsair II, auxiliary gear

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Subject: [TenTec] tech special sale on OmniVI, Corsair II, auxiliary gear
From: Allan Taylor <k7gt.cw@gmail.com>
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Date: Tue, 15 May 2018 11:01:25 -0700
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Recently I posted that I would be selling a pair of OmniVI/opt3s
and possibly a Corsair II.  I seem to have waited too long and all
of them have issues now. I am not in a position to debug them
and feel the shipping expense plus repair expense is too much.

So... I have the following F/S:

OmniVI/opt3 # 1  starts OK, puts out power, then drops out,
                   a restart => all LEDs flash. has cooling fan,
                    all filters (TT). $125

OmniVI/opt3  # 2   starts OK, puts out power, but receive signal
                    goes warbly / wonky after a few minutes. again,
                     cooling fan, all filters (TT)     $140

Corsair II      audio but no transmit or incoming receive. has 'all'
                     filters. late production.  $125

961 p.s./speaker   missing fuse holder (!) probably OK   $75

962 p.s./speaker  (2 units)   won't run      $40 ea

other items     TT 4-pin power cord, have two. $5

                      TT 705 microphones, one gray, one black,
                            with spare windscreen          $50 ea

                       TT hand mike (701?)              $20

                       TT remote tuning pod (2 ea)    $75

                       TT 305 RS232 interface (equiv to C-IV)  $25 ea

                      Heil  AD-1-T cable for interfacing Heil headset to
                                   4-pin TT mike

                         AirPax circuit breaker for Corsair II (18A) $20

Shippng for all items is extra and by the buyer or can pick up
in southern Oregon along I-5. Shipping CONUS only.

All gear is acceptable cosmetically for 25+ years old.

Prices on transceivers are negotiable.  Make me a package offer!

The Hercules II and p.s. will be F/S once I verify correct operation.

Allan  K7GT
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