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Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2019 06:55:53 -0500
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I believe there is an article on the TenTec Wiki about this procedure.  It
shows how to attach Power Pole sockets to the radio.  However, I did not do
mine this way.

I unsoldered and removed the Molex socket.  I had a little trouble getting
the holes cleaned out.  Some solder wick or a suction bulb will help.

Then, I just soldered a short piece (say about a foot of wire) of #14 wire
into each of the socket holes.  Your short piece of #16 should be OK but
purists will want to use #12.  Then, put some Power Pole connectors on the
ends of this wire and also on the wire coming from your power supply.  

This method works perfectly fine but is not as "elegant" as putting the
Power Pole sockets right on the radio.  It is a bit difficult to deal with
the wires inside the radio that are just behind the Molex power socket.  You
have to be careful with this.

I am sure you will get various opinions on this topic.

Wes Attaway (N5WA)
(318) 393-3289 - Shreveport, LA
Computer/Cellphone Forensics

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First: Many thanks for all  your advices concerning shift of battery. Piece
of cake, and my O2 is as stable as ever.

Second: The O2 went dead. Turned out to be the MOLEX power connector has
burned out.
I happen to have Anderson 30 A PowerPoles and PTFE insulated AVG 16 stranded
wire in stock, and would like to make a new power connection to the O2 by
shifting the MOLEX connector. It appears necessary to loosen the back plate
of the O2 in order to work on the soldering of the MOLEX on the board just
inside the back plate.  New territory for me.

I would appreciate 
° procedures or experience on how to do the shift of the MOLEX,
° hints
° pitfalls

Vy 73
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