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TopBand: Diamond Antenna

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Subject: TopBand: Diamond Antenna
From: (Earl W Cunningham)
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 22:05:57 EDT
Bob, W1XT wrote::
"I see you mentioned the diamond configuration for the Pennant/Flag.  Do
you have recommended dimensions?  Didn't see anything about that
mentioned anywhere."
When I mentioned the Diamond antenna, I'm sorry I neglected to give the
data for it.  Like all of my models for the Pennant and Flag antennas,
the Diamond was modeled with its top-most point at 20' above ground and
its bottom-most point at 6' high.  The spacing between the ends of the
Diamond is 21' 10" (therefore the center of the Diamond is 10' 11" from
each end point).  Each side of the Diamond is therefore about 12' 11.5"
long.  It is erected in a vertical plane, with the feedpoint at one end
of the Diamond and the termination resistor at the other end (both ends
are 13' high in the model).  The correct termination value is about 920
ohms.  Directivity is for signals arriving from the direction of the
feedpoint end.  The azimuth pattern is the same as the Flag and the
Pennant -- cardioid-shaped.  F/B on 160m is about 36 dB.  Its gain on
160m (-38 dBi) is about 2 dB less than the Pennant.  This is because it
uses less wire than the Pennant (51' 10" vs. 73' 8").  It was designed
with the idea that the Diamond configuration would be a viable means to
build a compact rotatable unidirectional receiving antenna for 160m using
the construction method usually used for a 20-meter quad element.

73, de Earl, K6SE

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