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Subject: TopBand: Re: Flag & Pennants
From: (Earl W Cunningham)
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 01:41:08 EDT
Ron, K6UR asked:
"Should I care about front to back ratio if I aim one at the Caribbean?
There is nothing in the Pacific to cause me qrm so just wondering about
if I should have concern over f/b ratio's?"

The main purpose of a directional receiving antenna on 160m is to get
better S/N ratio on receive.  The S/N will be better than a single
vertical simply because of directivity.  Rejecting QRM from the reverse
direction is of little importance unless perhaps you have a noise source
you want to knock down.

I estimate that a properly fed Pennant or Flag will have the equivalent
S/N ratio as a 1-wavelength Beverage.  This is based on my experience
with comparing Beverages (that I once had) with my phased verticals on
160m.  1-wavelength Beverages were about equal to the verticals'
unidirectional pattern on receive.  2-wavelength Beverages were a
magnitude or two better.  In my estimation, 2-wavelength Beverages would
have about equal or slightly better S/N ratio on receive as a well-tuned
4-square array.

The pattern of a Flag or Pennant is only slightly better than my phased
verticals, so I don't expect to gain anything on receive (unless I put up
two Pennants widely spaced as a broadside receiving array).  The reason I
put my switchable Pennants up is to prove the design works, hi.  Read the
post I submitted to the Reflector a few minutes ago for test results so

73, de Earl, K6SE

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