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Topband: Pennants and Flags

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Subject: Topband: Pennants and Flags
From: (Earl W Cunningham)
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 22:51:46 EST
Joe, AA4NN wrote:

"I have a 27' pole in my yard where I can attach the vertical sections of
pennants and feed on the vertical section.  This way, as each pennant
goes out into the yard, the 13' height will not interfere with people
walking around.  I have the Ameritron RCS-8V which I used for beverage
select, so I can mount it on the pole and switch between five pennants. 
With squares of lexan, I will be able to mount an SO239 and matching
transformer at the center feed point.  Sure sounds simple."

If you want to have switchable Pennants, you must erect them so that
their points are all adjacent to each other and "point-feed" them. 
Pennants erected with their vertical sections adjacent to each other will
not work properly because of the excessive mutual coupling between the
vertical sections.

Also, when you switch from one Pennant to another, BOTH sides of the
feedpoint must be switched so that the unused Pennants are totally
isolated from the active Pennant.  Otherwise it won't work.

73, de Earl, K6SE

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