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Topband: 3/8 wave antenna

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Subject: Topband: 3/8 wave antenna
From: (Joseph Dube)
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 15:29:24 -0500 (EST)
Roy K6XK wrote: 

>A 3/8 compared to a 1/4 wave INV L only pushes the current portion up
>farther into the undesireable horizontal part of the element.

What you are say Roy is correct only if you let the verticle portion of
the 3/8 antenna"s vertical height is less than 64ft (1/8th wave). The
antenna must be at least 64 feet in a vertical direction.  You have to
remember that the high current point on a single wire antenna occurs at
intervals of 1/4 wavelength from the far end and every 1/2 wave there
after.  If a 3/8 wave is positioned correctly all the radiating RF is
placed at the top of the antenna(64 foot level or higher). This is very
helpful in the reduction of RFI because the greatest radition occurs at
64 foot levl instead of at ground level.  Bottom line is that the
antenna is 64 feet high( right around 1830kcs) and the rest of the
antenna comes away hoizontally or at a 45 degree angle(approximately
127' 10" a 1/4 wave length). My friend and I KN4LF have been using an
antenna similar to this on top band for several years with very good
results. On my website Tom KN4LF wrote an article detailing the
particulars of our antenna configuration. Take a look it's quite
interesting how he explains it.  Anyway good luck  Dxing on the best Dx
band of all!!!!

Joe  KK4TR


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