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Topband: Penant - matching transformers?

To: <>
Subject: Topband: Penant - matching transformers?
From: (Larry Molitor)
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 15:24:26 +0000
At 07:26 PM 12/14/02 -0500, N2TK wrote:
>After searching the archives, I found the following
>matching transformers:
>- FT140-43 with either 9T/31T, 7T/24T, 8T/34T #26 wire, 10T/45T #30 wire
>- FT114-77 with 4T/17T
>- FT114-F with 5T/20T
>- FT50-43 with 7T/28T #29 wire
>- BN73-202 binocular core with 2T/8T. Where two stacked to get 1" length or
>can you buy these cores in that length?


I strongly advise you to use the binocular core. Complete winding details 
are available at:

Click on the "rotatable flag" topic.

I now use binocular cores for all my RX antenna projects, including Flags, 
Pennants, K9AY loops, and beverages. Those who I have convinced to use 
these cores, have not gone back to toroids.

Goos luck.

Larry - W7IUV

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