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Topband: Ground radials and Xmit antenna selection help

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Subject: Topband: Ground radials and Xmit antenna selection help
From: "Cecil Acuff" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 22:53:04 -0500
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Hello Group,

This is my first request for help in designing my antenna systems for 
construction soon in preparation for this fall/winter.

The first question is whether it matters if my ground radial system is 
composed of insulated or uninsulated wire and what gauge is too small to be 
effective.  I have a roll of probably 1000 to 1500 ft of stranded insulated 
wire that looks to be #16..maybe as small as #18.  It's not marked that I 
have been able to find.  My yard is pretty wet especially during the winter. 
Putting down the radials should be pretty easy.

I have planned to put up an Inverted L.  I currently have a 40' 25G tower up 
and plan to add 10' to that so will have up to 50' vertical and no problem 
going out another 100 to 125 feet with the horizontal section...or....should 
I consider just loading the tower. Would the inverted L be a better 

The tower will have a Force 12 beam with 2 elements on 40m and others from 
there up through 10.  The elements are insulated from the boom so it may not 
be worth much in adding top loading as a 160m vertical.  I will probably 
also have a 50-1300 log periodic mounted above that that will help in top 
loading.  I can do either one but would prefer the wisdom of the group as to 
not reinvent the wheel as I know many of you have been down this road 

I have all the parts and will construct, in the next couple of weeks, a 
magnetic loop antenna for receive using 20' of 1/2" heliax at ground level 
on a rebuilt HD-73 rotor.  I have a 160m I.C.E. preamp for use with the 
receive antenna.  I hope to have this up in time to sample 160 during the 
mid summer to see what I can hear.

My rigs are an FT-1000D and an FT-1000MP full of Inrad filters.  At some 
point I will also have a Sherwood modified Drake R4C for use as well.  Might 
even try one of my trusty old R-390A's

I also have a linear that works on 160 that I will be using as well...

I hope to be on 160m this fall/winter and have some fun along with you 
guys....working some DX

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated....

Cecil Acuff

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