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Topband: 160 mobile

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Subject: Topband: 160 mobile
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Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 21:57:00 -0200
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Hi, Mike & Coreen Smith and the group. 

Nice, question for a mobile operation enthusiast. I operated around 3,000 hours 
in my X12TR jeep, a Ford Belina and in my D18 Winnebago, showed in . in fact, most of my operation is mobile from the RV.

The antenna is a Trailing wire up to 60 ft long. I have an ATU (manual) and a 
200W+ TX enough for a good signal. At Top Band i made many QSO's and in next 
months probably will operate again during some Propagation Tests described in 
my page and at my www.py2cw page. 

With the motor home parked (in an Airfield: SDAM) i made many, many Excellent 
QSO's at 160m with the same "moving config".

I could comment some technical observations directly to the email of the 
interested people, like low and high radiation angle, vehicle/antenna 
directionality, etc.

(A really Big Sig was at 80, 40 and 20m UNBELIEVABLE with the Trailing Wire)

The "driving" factor behind mobile operation was night family trips and day 
business trips. The unbelievable results using the trailing wire made me reach 
a High Safety Standard in the trips due relaxed and pleasant operation much 
better than listening music. I used 60 ft config in several nigh time trips 
from SAO to BSB, a 600 miles journey. The tuning is not critical thanks to it's 
high Radiation resistance compared to a short one.

About Trailing Wire a must see is the USN E6B (Mercury) antenna with it's 
30,000 ft antenna for VLF Subs Comm:  


The trailing wire antenna was very much used during WW II in several aircrafts 
like, C47 and many others. 

Finally i must mention Stew, W1BB mobile operation in his car with Whip and a 
big external coil. One friend visited him after me and became impressed, hi 

When i did stay in his home in 1980/81 (36, Pleasant St, Winthrop) we had no 
time for mobile talks...a lot of discussion in other exciting topics.

160 meters is a serious band, it should be treated with respect. - TF4M

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