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Re: Topband: "4nec2" Antenna Modeling

To: Edward Swynar <>
Subject: Re: Topband: "4nec2" Antenna Modeling
From: "Mike (W5UC) & Kathy (k5MWH)" <>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2010 21:33:20 -0600
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On 3/3/2010 1:23 PM, Edward Swynar wrote:
> Good Day All,
> I'm a complete&  utterly hopeless newcomer when it comes to computerized
> antenna modeling...
Eddy, start with EZ-Nec. It's a great program, and you can use a limited 
version for free.  It will give you the opportunity to get  your feet 
wet in antenna modeling.  I bought the full version when EZ-Nec 3 was 
the current version, and I love it.  I have a 2 element 30 meter yagi, & 
a 6 element 6 meter yagi up my tower, that I designed & built using 
EZ-Nec. It is a great piece of software.  WARNING!  Antenna modeling may 
be habit forming, and take up a lot of your time, because it's a lotta fun

Mike, W5UC
"age and treachery will overcome youth & skill"
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