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Topband: The 21st Stew Perry is Afoot!

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Subject: Topband: The 21st Stew Perry is Afoot!
From: Lew Sayre <>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2016 15:03:22 -0800
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Greetings 160M Contesters and Pretenders,
     The event is under way. RF is being unleashed all about the globe.
If you've forgotten what to do with the log post contest or if you wonder
about a specific rule you might have fractured then motor on over to:
     Listed below are the current plaques and sponsors. If you have a
blinding flash of revelation, that wasn't caused by accidentally turning
off your AGC, and you wish to honor some facet of this contest, it
is not too late to sponsor a plaque and join this group. Just email me
after you've recovered a bit and we can make your plaque happen.
It is never too late for a plaque.

KL7RA       Top # of QSOs by a S/O
N0TT          Top Score, S/O, <21Y/O, > 200 QSOs
K7CA         Longest DX, S/O, Low Power from Zone 3
K7CA          Top Score S/O CQ Zone 19,24,25,27,28 or China
KH6LC       VK/ZL Challenge- Top S/O VK-ZL
AA6VB       Top Score Big City >50K, Little Pistol <100W
AA6VB       Top Score Base Loaded Vertical < 60' tall
N6TQ/A25TQ    California Dreaming- Top # of QSOs with Cal
    VK0EK         Stations by a non-California station
Rochester DX Assoc   Top Score,S/O, L-P, Outside N. America
UX1UA        Top # NA + SA QSOs by Zone 16 station
K7FL          Top Score 100% Search and Pounce
K9JWV/WC7S    Top QRP Score,West of Mississippi,wire antennas
Dr. Beldar-L1AR   Top Score,S/O, Temporary Antenna erected > Dec.3
          (All parts of temporary antenna including radials must be
 installed after Dec. 3, 2016. This antenna must be the only antenna
 for TopBand at the station and may be left erected because as we
  all know "temporary" means "until I die")
KR2Q            Golden Log Award
K2PO           Top Score, S/O, Low Power, Zone 3
N6TR          Top Score,S/O, Hi Power from CN Grid Field
W2GD Team  Top # QSOs, NA/SA by EU Station
K6ND          K6SE Memorial- Top Score, S/O, World
WA6CDR    N5IA Memorial- Top # of Grids Worked
WA8WZG   Top Score, S/O, by a 6 character call (Example- KA2BFD
or WD6XYZ)
W7RH       Top Score, Low Power Asia
K1EP        Top Score (>100 QSOs) by YL or XYL
VE9AA      Yr Trees Ants?  If you have your TX wires in the trees or even
attached to 1 tree and your adjudicated score is closest one to
tree tree tree tree (3,333), then you win this plaque
N9TF         Top # of Grid Squares, QRP, S/O, North America with a
non-resonant TX antenna <40' above ground
VK6GX     QRN Fighters- Top Score QTH +/- 15 degrees of equator
WQ4RP    Top Score QRP, Multi-Op, North America
EI2CN      W/VE/XE Station with most QSOs with EI/British Isles
Long Island DX Society     Top Score S/O, IOTA recognized Island
VK6VZ       VK6HD Memorial- Top Score by N. hemisphere station working S.
hemisphere stations.
  Winner gets a new, fresh Flying Doctors of VK baseball hat

     Please remember to state clearly in your log comments what plaque or
plaques you are sitting all night in front of your radio for.  We have some
pretty straight forward plaques and some unique ones that are destined
for a particular population.
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club thanks you for your participation in this
21st edition of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge.
   73 and I remain,
    Lew   w7ew
The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Participation
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