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Subject: Hello!
From: (David Robbins)
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 1996 20:31:37 +0000
barry wrote:
> writes:
> >
> >     Although I see a lot of ring rotors being used, IMO most people use them
> > somewhat reluctantly due to less than commercial materials and reliability.
> >  Your mileage may vary.
> >
> I'll agree with the above. I've had my ringrotor up for about 2 years.
> Major problems were intial installation due to poor quality control
> (holes drilled about 1/4 off center in bracket where motor mounts). Minor
> problems with direction indicating pot wiper arm recently (relatively
> common from what I hear).

just so you don't think they are all bad.. i have had a 1032 ring up
for 5 or 6 years turning either a 40-2cd or now a 4 ele 20m telrex.
the only problem i have had was with the phenolic rollers coming off
after the push on spring washers rusted out... a modification with
cotter pins will fix that permanently this summer.  i have recently
purchased 2 of the new smaller ones that will probably be put up 
later this year and the construction on them looks just as good as
the first one was.

> IMO, Ringrotor is only option for full rotation of antenna not at the top

you can of course go the rotating tower course.  essentially it is a
back to back thrust bearing arrangement at the rotating point with
roller bearings at guy points above the split.  of course you still
have to make sure the antennas will rotate below the guy wires.  the
old big bertha pole is probably the only fully rotating tower without
guy wires.

73, dave

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