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G-10 Fiberglass

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Subject: G-10 Fiberglass
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 7:39:40 -0500 (CDT)
I had several questions about the G-10 fiberglass I used for
insulating my Rohn 25 tower sections.

G-10 Fiberglass is an extremely high tensile strength fiberglass
blend, that usually comes in rods.  It CAN be milled on a lathe,
but it is very hard on the "bits" because it is so tough.

Sources:  Ultra, Inc. in Milwaukee   414-771-4747.  These folks
are VERY helpful.  No catalog.

        U.S. Plastic Corp.  800-537-9724.  These folks are NOT too
helpful....but they have a nice catalog worth asking for.

To insulate my Rohn 25G towers, I buried sections "upside down",
butt up, and put the G-10 rod between sections.  I used a VERY
high tensile strength bolt, and there is an aluminum "plug", the
same diameter as the rod between the end of the fiberglass rod and
the bolt.  Same for the other end of the rod that the rest of the
tower sits on.

VERY important:  When working on the tower, use steel straps
between the bolts on each leg of the tower.  Also these straps are
a good way to "ground" the tower when not in use.

73, Glenn

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