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To: <>
Subject: Concrete
From: (Tim S. Ellam)
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 1996 17:59:21 -0400
Here is my dillema-I need to pour cement for my 54' Delhi Self Supporting 
Tower-the base is 
3'X3'X4'-Due to the shape of my yard there is no way a cement truck can get 
anywhere near
the hole! I checked the price of a Schnorkel(sp?) and almost had a heart attack!

A couple of my friends with Italian heritage(and thus by some divine 
intervention claim to
have some expertise in this area even though one has never laid hands on a 
shovel in his
life)  have told me to rent a portable mixer, buy bulk cement, gravel and sand 
and mix it in
stages . This seems like a lot of work to me. The other idea is to have the 
cemnt truck back in
as far as possible and then do a relay of wheelbarrows to fill the hole(even 
more work!) I
know you can rent portable hoppers that hold enough concrete, but I could not 
even get the
hopper close to the hole!

Any thoughts?


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