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Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 18:19:00 -0400
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>Here is my dillema-I need to pour cement for my 54' Delhi Self Supporting
>Tower-the base is 
>3'X3'X4'-Due to the shape of my yard there is no way a cement truck can get
>anywhere near
>the hole! I checked the price of a Schnorkel(sp?) and almost had a heart
>A couple of my friends with Italian heritage(and thus by some divine
>intervention claim to
>have some expertise in this area even though one has never laid hands on a
>shovel in his
>life)  have told me to rent a portable mixer, buy bulk cement, gravel and
>sand and mix it in
>stages . This seems like a lot of work to me. The other idea is to have the
>cemnt truck back in
>as far as possible and then do a relay of wheelbarrows to fill the hole(even
>more work!) I
>know you can rent portable hoppers that hold enough concrete, but I could
>even get the hopper close to the hole!  Any thoughts?

Tim --

   I SAW you at Dayton but not close enough to say hi.  Maybe next year.

   There are trailer mounted pumpers that'll pump up to 400 feet and are
relatively cheap.  Yes the snorkel ones are for very difficult or well
financed projects.  I think down here the trailer-mounted ones are in the
$60-70/hour range.  Just jockey the hose around and you're in business.

73,  Steve   K7LXC

   TOWER TECH -- professional tower supplies and services for amateurs

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