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Subject: Concrete
From: (sawyers)
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 96 08:11:19 cst
One problem you may have is that the ready mix company may not deliver a 
small batch (around here anything under 2 cu.yds is a small batch) without 
an exorbidant surcharge.

I agree that the snorkle is too expensive and the mix it your self is a lot 
of work. But I have done the mixit yourself from bags of sack-crete - was 
never happy or sure of the quality of the concrete that we got.

My prefered method would be the ready mix truck and the wheel barrow 
approach. It takes strong contractor style wheel barrows and lots of 
friends and a cse of beer (opened after the the ready mix truck is unloaded 
and leaves).

An other option is to rent a skid steer loader or or a concrete buggy and 
run it from the cement truck to the hole - this really does a number on teh 
lawn and may require planing the path over teh lawn.

Towers are a lot of work to put up!.

de n0yvy steve

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Subject: Concrete
Author:  "Tim S. Ellam"  <> at ccmgw1
To: <>
Date:    6/5/96 5:16 PM

Here is my dillema-I need to pour cement for my 54' Delhi Self Supporting 
Tower-the base is 
3'X3'X4'-Due to the shape of my yard there is no way a cement truck can get 
anywhere near
the hole! I checked the price of a Schnorkel(sp?) and almost had a heart attack!

A couple of my friends with Italian heritage(and thus by some divine 
intervention claim to
have some expertise in this area even though one has never laid hands on a 
shovel in his
life)  have told me to rent a portable mixer, buy bulk cement, gravel and sand 
and mix it in
stages . This seems like a lot of work to me. The other idea is to have the 
cemnt truck back in
as far as possible and then do a relay of wheelbarrows to fill the hole(even 
more work!) I
know you can rent portable hoppers that hold enough concrete, but I could not 
even get the
hopper close to the hole!

Any thoughts?


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