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Subject: Concrete
From: (Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY)
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 10:02:18 -0500
Tim S. Ellam wrote:
> OK
> Here is my dillema-I need to pour cement for my 54' Delhi Self 
> Supporting Tower-the base is 3'X3'X4'-Due to the shape of my yard 
> there is no way a cement truck can get anywhere near the hole ....
> ....The other idea is to have the cemnt truck back in as far as 
> possible and then do a relay of wheelbarrows to fill the hole(even 
> more work!)

Go ahead and get 2 other guys (who know how to use wheelbarrows - yeah, 
I'm serious...) and have three 'barrows ready.  The R E A L ones like 
contractors use, not those phony little ones.

I did this for a 7x7x4 hole several years ago.  We moved 8 yards3, MOL, 
with three wheelbarrows within whatever the concrete companies standard 
"wait time" was (45 minutes ???).  No problem - small amount of sweat - 
finished job !  Then you can brag to the wife about how man-ly you are - 
arrr-arrr-arrr !!

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