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CQ Contest Magazine - FREE

To: <>
Subject: CQ Contest Magazine - FREE
From: (AA7BG Matt Trott)
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 08:06:42 -0600
At 09:23 AM 6/7/96 -0400, wrote:
>Hello, everyone --
>     Many of you know that there is a new contesting magazine out called CQ
>Contest.  It is edited by Bob Cox, K3EST, and has many interesting articles
>and contributing editors that are of interest to anyone interested in
>competitive operating (this includes breaking DX as well as contest pileups).
>    At Visalia and Dayton this year, I was surprised at the number of
>interested amateurs that hadn't seen it so I had the publisher send me a
>number of copies.  I am offering them to you FOR FREE.  If you'd like a
>complimentary copy of CQ Contest magazine, send me your postal address and
>I'll make sure you get one.  You can't lose.
>    BTW, my column "Up The Tower" appears in every other issue.  This isn't
>exactly a paid political announcement but I do have a connection to the
>73,  Steve   K7LXC
>    TOWER TECH -- professional tower supplies and services for amateurs

Steve, Cant't pass up that offer.

Matt Trott--AA7BG
1220 Wilson Rd.
Power,  MT 59468

Thanks a million!
AA7BG                            Matt Trott

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