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3 versus 4 guys

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Subject: 3 versus 4 guys
From: (sawyers)
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 96 10:19:27 cst
Four guys over three guys are a legitimate choice. As you noted it does 
save real estate. However it will put more worst case down load on the 
tower, so it is a trade off. The other thing is the guys come down steeper 
so you will have less turning room for any mid tower mounted antennas.

At a 150 foot for Rohn 45, this is not a tower that will suffice a simple 
analysis with a hugh factor of safety and run with it. I would strongly 
suggest you get some professional engineering help.

de n0yvy steve

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Subject: 3 versus 4 guys
Author:  Natan Huffman <> at ccmgw1
To: <>
Date:    06/07/96 09:48 AM

Recently while going through the ROHN brochure, I noticed that the = 
series of foldover towers made by ROHN, both 25 and 45 use a guying = 
method of 4 sets of guys rather than three.  This method of guying calls = 
for guy anchors to be set at 30' from the base for a 72' tower which = 
means that the real estate needed to put up a guyed tower is reduced = 
somewhat from the traditional 3 guy approach.

I wonder if anyone has had experience with using 4 sets of guys rather = 
than 3 or, better yet, does anyone know of a reference for such things.

I ask because I just purchased 150' of Rohn 45 and the installation = 
would be much easier if I can justify using the 4 guy approach over the = 
3 guy approach.


Natan , W6XR/2
Ithaca NY

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