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Torque arms necessary?

To: <>
Subject: Torque arms necessary?
From: (Big Don)
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 05:18:21 -0700 (PDT)
On Sun, 9 Jun 1996, Gary Schwartz wrote:

> Anyone have ONE (1) torque arm for Rohn 45 that they'd like to part with
> or have sitting in the tower parts pile?  I'm talking about the tube that
> is welded to the flat piece of bar stock, not the whole clamping assembly.
> As far as I am aware, they can't be bought individually.  I've thought
> about having one fabricated but the galvanizing is a pain.

Having something like this fabricated sounds risky. Even with the standard
Rohn part (speaking of Rohn 25 with which I'm familiar), one weld, where
the bar attaches to the tube, stands between you and disaster.  Welds are
notoriously vulnerable to fatigue, and even though there appears to be no
history of these failing, your weldor could have had a bad day.

Big Don does not trust the Rohn part.  All my torque bars have an
additional safety loop of guy cable which goes thru the hole at the end
where the guy attaches, and around the corresponding tower leg above the
torque arm bracket.  That way, if the weld in the torque bar lets go, at
least something is there to back it up.

Big Don

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