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Rotating Tower

To: <>
Subject: Rotating Tower
From: (Bruce (AA8U))
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 16:45:20 -0400 (EDT)
Hi Dave,
I have two non-rotating 55G towers at 130' each. Considering the investment
you have already made it seems to me that the cost of the bearings should be
pretty low on your priority list. After all, once it is up and working the
dollars are only numbers in your check book. HI HI  (Always find it easy to
spend other people's money!)

Good luck with it. Don't cheap out. Do it SAFE and first class the first
time and you will thank yourself for it for years to come.
At 03:06 PM 6/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>     I am in the process of designing a rotating Rohn 55 tower.  The 
>     overall height will be 130'.  The first 40' of the tower will be 
>     stationary with the upper 90 feet being rotary.
>     Anyone have any suggestions on an appropriate (and safe) bearing to 
>     use?  I have looked into good quality, self-aligning, Browning tapered 
>     roller bearings.  These bearings are very heavy duty and have 
>     excellent thrust ratings.  They will, no doubt, do the job but they 
>     come with a hefty price tag...$375 + shipping for one with a 2.5" 
>     shaft size.
>     I have designed the rotating pieces such that a bearing failure will 
>     not cause the tower to come down.  A bearing failure, though, would 
>     still be a major hassle....the tower would almost certainly have to 
>     come down to make repairs.  
>     Anyone have any ideas on something that will do a good job but cost 
>     less?
>     Thanks and 73....Dave/WA0FLS

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