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Thrust bearings

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Subject: Thrust bearings
From: (Gary Nieborsky)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 09:22:58 -0700
There are alternatives for thrust bearings if you don't want to go the Rohn
route.  First let me say this:  I use TB-3's for my bearings and never had
any problems.  Mine came without zerks but that got fixed right away.

However......I have a crank-up that has a non-standard (Tri-Ex) hole pattern
that won't fit a TB-3.  I went to my friendly bearing dealer and found a
substitute that would work:  a swather end thrust bearing.  Weather proof
and built to live in really nasty dirty, dusty, wet environments.  An added
plus is that the mounting collar is a an eccentrict ring that strangles the
shaft and locks it into place.  Been in service 16 years without a peep.

For all you city folk, a swather is the machine that cruises across the
field chopping stuff down.  This bearing goes on the auger feed screw or on
the rotating rake, depending on the application.  Mine is for a New Holland

73 Gary K7FR
Antenna Farms

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