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Loaded tower for lowband

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Subject: Loaded tower for lowband
From: (Torfinn Utne)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 18:02:47 +0200
Hello everybody!

I am about to erect a 17m aluminium-tower with a KLM KT34A, and I want to 
use the tower as a loaded vertical for 160/80/40 and maybe 30.

Have read ON4UN's book, Low-Band DXing, and know how to measure the total 
loaded electrical lenght of the tower.

Have also seen an article in CQ August 1990 ; "Low-Band Verticals An How To 
Feed Them ", by KD9SV and WA9GFR. ( 70 ft tower with TH6DXX ontop).
They used a grounded tower, and one gamma arm for 160/80/40.

Some local hams around here suggest that i use separate gamma arm's ; one 
fer 160, one fer 80 and one fer 40. 

Any ideas/comments of how to arrange this are very much appreciated.

73 de LA4PHA

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