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Delta Loop

To: <>
Subject: Delta Loop
From: (Gary D. Elliott)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 22:44:47 GMT
I am thinking of trying a 40 Mtr Delta Loop for FD this year.  I can only
get the apex up to about 45 feet.  From those out there who have tried this
antenna for SS or FD would appreciate comments as to would it be worth it ?
 Otherwise would just go with the usual dipole or inverted vee at the 45
feet.  I plan to hang the Delta Loop off of a small metal tower is this
going to cause a problem ? As far as the feed point probably in the middle
of the baseline.  What about a balun ? needed if I feed with RG8X ?  or
would I be better feeding it with 450 ohm ladder line to a match box ?
Thanks in advance for any comments/assistance. 
73 Gary K7OX 

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