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Delta Loop

To: <>
Subject: Delta Loop
From: (Charlie Ocker)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 09:42:28 -0500
Hi Gary,

Read ON4UN's book "Low Band DX'ing".  He discusses the delta loop in detail,
including various feed methods and feed point locations.

I've used a low 40m delta loop in the past at FD.  At 45' apex, you will more
than likely have to "tilt" the loop in the sense that it will not be parallel
with your support.  This is fine, seems to not negatively affect the antenna.

Can't say how well it worked with respect to a dipole or inv-vee at same
height.  It did work, though, and I guess I felt about as "loud" as I would
have with dipole or inv-vee.  Worth the extra trouble?  Hard to say.

73 es cu in FD (I'll be in cw tent at W9NB 3A IL),

Charlie  KD5PJ/9

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