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Thrust bearings

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Subject: Thrust bearings
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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 15:36:42 -0400
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<< if/when I have to pull the rotor, I plan to pry the
 mast up and tighten the setscrew that is part of the pointy-top.  >>

I use two muffler clamps for this... install and tighten one around the mast
between the rotor and the collar... set it below the collar about the  same
distance you intend to lift the mast... place the other around the mast above
the 'pointy top' collar, but loose enough to slide down... loosen the rotor's
death grip on the mast and pry/lift the the mast until the lower clamp comes
up against the bottom of the collar... then slide down and tighten the upper
clamp... then gently, tighten the collar set screws and you have separate
control of both elevation and rotation...  the purpose of the lower clamp is
to prevent the mast from being accidently extracted from the collar, which
could be very exciting...


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