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Masts and stacking considerations

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Subject: Masts and stacking considerations
From: (Bryan Sparrowhawk)
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 07:12:33 -0800
I've seen a lot of talk concerning the 3 inch Rohn thrust bearing .. does
this mean many of you are actually using larger than 2 inch masts out
there?  Do most beam's boom-to-mast brackets and commonly used
rotators handle up to 3 inch diameter masts?  What rotators are you using
for these larger masts/beams that fit inside 25G?

I'm about ready to stack a TH6DXX  8-10 feet above a 3 ele 40m beam,
and the larger diameter mast would eliminate the expen$ive 115Kpsi alloy
needed for a 2-inch dia mast in 100MPH winds (according to calculations
from an article that K7LXC handed me).

ELNEC indicated that the tribander's pattern will be adversely affected by
the 40M beam nearby, so I twisted the beams 90 deg. relative  .. muuuch
better, almost as if the 40M beam disappeared.  I haven't seen any
installations done this way.  Am I missing something; other than having to
contend with the 90 deg. offset when pointing the beams?

Please comment..
de KD7LS

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