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side mounts

To: <>
Subject: side mounts
From: (Mark Sihlanick)
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 18:09:36 GMT
Be careful, the only CDR rotor I know of that had the clunking controller
was the ar22.  This rotor was decidedly light weight and had no brake, it
also if I remember right, used only 4 wires, not the std 8 used by the
ham-m etc series.  The other clue is that the ar22 is brakeless and
therefore does not have the bottom housing that holds the brake assembly.  

I used an ar22 to turn a th3 (small 3 el tribander)_ and it would pinwheel
in the wind and get out of sync with its indicator. 
Anyway, hope this helps. 
73 Mark 

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