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MA-550 Tower Installation

To: <>
Subject: MA-550 Tower Installation
From: (Lanny Rathert)
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 12:14:56 -0500
I recently purchased a used MA-550 tubular crank up tower,which weighs 435
lbs.I am wondering if there are any special requirements for
installation?The tower will be attached to the apex of my roof at the 18
foot level.With this type of installation the literature calls for a
concrete pad 1.5'x1.5'x1.5'.Is this sufficient for this tower?How is the
best way to raise tower to vertical position ie:winch?manpower? crane?.Is
the coax and rotor cable tied to the tower or are the cx-3m coax arms
required?This is my first experience with tubular towers,I have always had
Rohn type towers.Any advice will be greatly appreciated.  Lanny Rathert N0AJZ.
Lanny Rathert, Florissant Missouri, E-Mail- 

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