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Guy Wire questions

To: <>
Subject: Guy Wire questions
From: (Charlie Ocker)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 11:57:05 -0500
I don't have my Rohn "bible" with me today.  Was wondering what tensile strength
guy wire Rohn recommends for it's guys.  Putting up 70' of 45G.  Have access
to 1/4" galvanized guy wire, and want to make sure it's the "right stuff".

Along these lines, any comments on the use of dead ends vs. clamps?  I had
thought that 3 clamps per joint would be less expensive than dead ends, but
after a quick check of some suppliers, I am thinking that stainless steel clamps
at 4 bucks a pop may not be the best way to go.  The galvanized jobs are only
40 cents each.

I will be using 2 sets of guys, and each guy anchor will be 56' away from the
base.  One set at 35', the other at 70'.  They are as follows:

  top:          -------O-------------O------------------------
                 5.65'       27'                 57'

  bottom:       ---------O------------------------
                  9.04'             57'

Another question:  Any ideas on which end should be at the tower, and which
should be at the anchor?  Oh yeah, will be using the Rohn torque arms at each
level.  And, should I use another insulator at the tower end of the guys?

I was thinking that the short 5.65' and 9.04' lengths could attach to the tower
directly without insulators.

Appreciate any suggestions, comments, etc.

73 es cul,

Charlie  KD5PJ/9

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