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Guy Wire questions

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Subject: Guy Wire questions
From: (Mike Bragassa, AA5NK: <>)
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 00:37:43 -0500 (CDT)
Oh, are Sooo right.. No way...will I ever hassles w/ guy wire 
and clamps: 

1. Time savings: About ..2 minutes to hook up a pre-form.. 3 clamps:  Who
 can estimate: 30 minutes..if all goes well/ 3 clamps..Which normally
doesn't happen
2. Safety: How many times have I come close to gouging myself..or poking 
an eye out wrestling w/ 1/4" EHS... 'Nevah again!

I recall a talk that Ken Kopp gave at the Wyoming State convention...some 
10 or more years ago. He desribed those Chinese handcuff things.. said he 
wasn't 'sure' about them and went w/ clamps.. I did not 'even' know about 
We all learn...
...'nevah again.

Speaking of guy wires:

I picked up several years ago some good used guy wire that had a 'bale' 
looking 'clamp' on the ends. You could pull the guy wire through this 
tapered 'cup' and cut the excess off as desired. It then had a loop or 
bale that you could attached to your guy posts..
Where can a fellow find those?

73  de  Mike   NS7Z   (recently: AA5NK)
Moscow, Russia

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