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Guy Wire questions

To: <>
Subject: Guy Wire questions
From: (Gary Nieborsky)
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 07:44:25 -0700
At 12:37 AM 6/18/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Oh, are Sooo right.. No way...will I ever hassles w/ guy wire 
>and clamps: 
>1. Time savings: About ..2 minutes to hook up a pre-form.. 3 clamps:  Who
> can estimate: 30 minutes..if all goes well/ 3 clamps..Which normally
>doesn't happen
>2. Safety: How many times have I come close to gouging myself..or poking 
>an eye out wrestling w/ 1/4" EHS... 'Nevah again!
>I recall a talk that Ken Kopp gave at the Wyoming State convention...some 
>10 or more years ago. He desribed those Chinese handcuff things.. said he 
>wasn't 'sure' about them and went w/ clamps.. I did not 'even' know about 
>We all learn...
>...'nevah again.
>Speaking of guy wires:
>I picked up several years ago some good used guy wire that had a 'bale' 
>looking 'clamp' on the ends. You could pull the guy wire through this 
>tapered 'cup' and cut the excess off as desired. It then had a loop or 
>bale that you could attached to your guy posts..
>Where can a fellow find those?
>73  de  Mike   NS7Z   (recently: AA5NK)
>Moscow, Russia

I'm posting this to the reflector also, we just had a local farmer find out
the hard way on his grain bins.

Those critters are called "automatics" ( real name: strandvise clamp) and
are available at all good utility suppliers........well maybe not in Russia
though I'm lead to believe they use the same stuff we do here.  

Reliable part #R5100 for 1/4" EHS.

Word of warning:  All "automatics" are designed for tension applications.
If they go slack they have a nasty habit of letting the guy slip out.
Preforms stay attached even if they go slack.  I'd stay away from automatics
for that reason in tower apps.

To remove the guy from your used automatic, get a blade screwdrive and
insert it in the slot on the side of the aluminum body.  Push the wire into
the body towards the bail (just like you would if you were installing it
new) until the jaws release.  The wire should pull back out easily.

Word of warning #2:  NEVER EVER EVER re-use an automatic.  You can not be
sure if the jaws have been damaged, mis-aligned or full of dirt.  Any of
these conditions and a few more will lessen the holding power.  That's one
of the reasons why they were still on the wire. 

73 Gary K7FR

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