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Big, heavy mast

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Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 00:38:18 -0400
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Subj:   Big, heavy mast
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Hi Steve. 
Could you please send this out over the tower reflector.  My mail handler
can not, for some reason, cope with the reflectors.  Keeps sending them back
to me as undeliverable.  I would appreciate it.  73 Steve, NJ4F


Howdy all.

How strong is strong? 

I have had a 2 1/2" schedule 80, 21 foot long piece of pipe stored for years
hoping someday to use it for a mast.  I measures just under 3" OD and weighs
166 lbs.  Just standard schedule 80 galvanized pipe.  A real beast.  I
figured on machining down a piece of stock to fit in the end and to fit in
the tailtwister.  Figured I would pin it in place to hold it all together.
That is, pin it in the pipe not the rotator.  I have a pair of the tb-4's
and planned on using both in this application like I do the tb-3 with
smaller stuff.  Makes it real handy when working on rotator.  I usually keep
about 6-7 feet of the mast in the tower. 
 Although I have hefted long masts over the top of a tower in the past, I
think I  will "build" this one into the tower from the beginning. Put two
sections together with the pipe inside and do the 'ol Iwo Jima trick.
Unless, of course, there is a better way to get it done with the Rohn 45.

For clarity, I'm really not a blivet when it comes to this stuff. I hve a
ton of practical applications experience with this kind of stuff and tend to
be conservative in my approach to things.  I just thougt this would be a
good follow-on to the thread that is currently being 'spun'.

Any comments on suitability as a mast, loading, installing, etc.

73, Steve, NJ4F
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