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Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 11:37:05 -0500
  I can't offer any info regarding the Create or Emoto lines but one that
  doesn't appear on your list is the ORION 2800 from M-Squared.  This unit
  is a real horse!  It will fit inside Rohn 25G, but just barely!  I have
  had one up for two years with no problems.  The bolt pattern is the same
  as the Hy-Gain units so no special machine shop work is necessary.
  M-Squared also offers something called a PTA (Peak Torque Adapter).  This
  is actually an automotive drive coupling that mounts between the top of
  the rotor and the mast.  It will absorb the Start/Stop shock generated
  the the rotor or mast/antenna mass.  Nice product although I have been
  concerned about the long term effects of UV on the rubber.  The mast
  clamps are of the clam shell variety and made of nodular iron.  These
  things will NOT break!  I have snapped the ears off a Yaesu and now use
  extreme care with that variety.  You won't break the mast clamps on a
  ORION 2800 (if you can I want you as my FRIEND!!!).  To date the only
  downside I have seen with the unit is that the control box is apparently
  closely related to my VCR.  Every time we loose the AC mains, when the
  power returns the rotor control box reads "000".  Prior to placing the
  unit into service I determined how far (CCW) past the heading of 000 the
  unit would turn and made a note of it in the manual.  When I loose power
  I simply turn the rotor fully CCW till it will turn no further.  I reset
  the unit (button on the back of the control box) to 000, rotate it CW
  about 17 degrees and reset it to 000 again.  All done,...but still a pain
  in the backside.  Another nice touch to the rotor is a centering wedge
  mounted on the top of the mast clamp mounting plate.  Simply lower the
  mast onto the wedge and it will center the mast with respect to the
  centerline of the rotor drive shaft.  The wedge is not large enough to
  work with a 3" mast, but works jine with a 2" mast.  Would be happy to
  field any questions that you may have!

                 73 & GUD DX de KN0Z  Gary in Wyoming, MN
  >Hello, all --

  >     I am doing research on rotators and need your help.  The Hy-Gain and
  >Yaesu rotators have been covered pretty well previously but I don't know much
  >about the Create and Emoto models.  If you have any direct experience with
  >any of them, please send me your comments - positive and negative.  I'm
  >interested in things like what broke and when, parts availability, repair
  >availability, ease of use, control box, bolt pattern compatibility, special
  >tools or parts needed, general hassles,  etc.

  >    Thanks in advance for your help.

  >73,  Steve   K7LXC

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