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Rotator info wanted

To: <>
Subject: Rotator info wanted
From: (Dave LeDuc)
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 96 14:05:41 EDT
> Hello, all --
>      I am doing research on rotators and need your help.  The Hy-Gain and
> Yaesu rotators have been covered pretty well previously but I don't know
>  much
> about the Create and Emoto models.  If you have any direct experience 
> any of them, please send me your comments - positive and negative.  I'm
> interested in things like what broke and when, parts availability, repair
> availability, ease of use, control box, bolt pattern compatibility, 
> tools or parts needed, general hassles,  etc.  
>     Thanks in advance for your help.
> 73,  Steve   K7LXC

I have a Create rotator. I can't remember the model number but it's the 
current one without the presets. Last winter when I turned the beam to the 
south it didn't go but the controller box did. I wasn't paying close 
attention until I smelled the smoke coming from the controller box. The 
power transformer smoked, yes, protecting the fuse. The problem is that I 
have been unable to obtain a replacement transformer of the same physical 
size. I have contacted the Create dealer, who advertises in CQ magazine, 
multiple times. They have been absolutely no help at all. They promise to 
get back to me with parts availability and price and I never hear from them 
again. Fortunately, I bought my rotator used and do not have a big 
investment. Based on my experience I would never purchase one. I'm not 
concerned that it failed as much as the inability to get replacement parts. 
Please let me know if you come up with any information that might help me.

73 Dave LeDuc K1EPJ (ex AA1HJ)

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