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Tensioning guys & keeping plumb

To: <>
Subject: Tensioning guys & keeping plumb
From: (Tom Lindtveit)
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 12:09:19 -0400
Hi Steve,
 Thanks for all your informative posts. I have a question for you, You =

   >   First of all, the TIA-222 tower spec allows a tolerance of 1 part =
>400 for tower alignment; that's 3 inches per 100 feet so your tower =
>have to be perfectly plumb

I wonder if this is the same for Rohn 25? I doubt it and was wondering =
if you know what the spec for Rohn 25 is? I am in the building process, =
and at this stage my tower is out about 1-1/4 inches over 55 feet. Final =
height will be another 10 feet, then antennas. I don't think this will =
hurt it, but I'm a machinist and this is WAY past what I find aceptable. =
Should I bw worried?
73 de Tom, N2GQS

"Small antennas, close to the ground are better than no antennas at =

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