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Tensioning guys & keeping plumb

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Subject: Tensioning guys & keeping plumb
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Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 23:37:51 -0400
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>I wonder if this is the same for Rohn 25? I doubt it and was wondering if
>know what the spec for Rohn 25 is? I am in the building process, and at this
>stage my tower is out about 1-1/4 inches over 55 feet. Final height will be
>another 10 feet, then antennas. I don't think this will hurt it, but I'm a
>machinist and this is WAY past what I find aceptable. Should I bw worried?

Hi, Tom --

     The spec is for ANY tower.  The 1.25 inches you mentioned is within
tolerance.  You've got to appreciate that towers are not precision
instruments.  They have cumulative building tolerances and remember we're
talking about some heavy steel and good sized nuts and bolts in many cases.
 You shouldn't be worried as long as you've followed the manufacturer's

>"Small antennas, close to the ground are better than no antennas at all."

     Love your tag line!

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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