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New Thread - Tram line missing link

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Subject: New Thread - Tram line missing link
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Date: Sat, 22 Jun 1996 22:27:55 -0400
THANK YOU (and Lamar)

This reflector thing is great.

A short length of pipe with its own pulley acting as an anti-roll device,
PERFECT! We use the rope over the ends of the boom for leveling the beam as
it goes up, but the rolling of the boom and element/guy headaches that ensue
has always been a hassle.

This is the only problem we have always had with the trolleys...the antenna
invariably "rolls" a little and the leading tips of the beam invariably hit
the guys. Otherwise this is the only way to go. As previously mentioned by
others the ability to hang a feed line on the antenna and give it a quick
testing, and then easily lowering it to change things is a super plus, but
the joy is only having to attach the beam to the mast when it gets to the

When the forty one foot boom 20 meter beam went up last Fall, as always an
element tip hit a guy - this time it hit big time "BIG TIME" - how a 3/4"
diameter can hit a 1/4" diameter square on and then refuse to bounce aside,
gotta be Murphy at work. The element's tubing bent...fortunately it was
muscled back into near-straight. The beam continues to play very well - 102
CW QSOs in the first hour of Field Day this afternoon as "1D".


Jim  zx   

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