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New Thread - Tram line missing link

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Subject: New Thread - Tram line missing link
From: (David Robbins)
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 14:22:27 +0000 wrote:
> In a message dated 96-06-22 22:41:04 EDT, you write:
> >A short length of pipe with its own pulley acting as an anti-roll device,
> >PERFECT! We use the rope over the ends of the boom for leveling the beam as
> >it goes up, but the rolling of the boom and element/guy headaches that ensue
> >has always been a hassle.
> Hello, tramline fans --
>       The "tiller" pipe is a new one on me but a clever (and automatic)
> solution to a typical antenna's propensity to turtle (roll over) and to get
> it over the top set of guy wires. Here's a couple of related thoughts.
>      One method is to use a tag line that was described in excellent detail
> by K8DO.  I use this technique to tip the elements to near vertical as the
> antenna approaches the top set of guys and even branches for tree
> installations.  You don't have to remove the top set of guys to get the
> antenna up.  Use of tag lines gives you more control of the beam attitude.

when using a tram line here i clamp a short (3' or so) pipe to either the boom 
boom-mast plate depending on where there is room.  this is set so it points up 
has a rope tied to the top of it.  this way while the tag lines can be used to
control side to side motion this line can be used to tip the elements as the
antenna approaches the tower to clear guy wires.  this has worked great for 
a 6 ele 20m telrex to 150' and an 8 ele 15m telrex to 120' here.  (pictures 
available on my web page of antennas, but not tram setup yet)

73, dave
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