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To: <>
Subject: HQ-1 MINI-QUAD
From: (Bob Bell)
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 09:41:52 -0400 (EDT)
The SWR on my HQ-1 MINI-QUAD has gone sky-high. I took it down from a 50 ft
tower .Before doing anything to the antenna when it was on the ground, I
tested it with my MFJ SWR Analyzer.The SWR was still sky-high on the ground
just asa it was when it was on the tower,so I cleaned the wires leading from
the antenna to the balun, and tested the SWR again. This seemed to do it
because the SWR came down to 1:3 to 1 .I put some silicone seal on the
contacts this time, with the hope that it won't corode in the future. Again
I tested the SWR and it was still 1:3 to 1 so I put the antenna back up on
the tower and the SWR SHOT UP AGAIN. tHE ANTENNA IS 2 YRS OLD.

If there is a HQ-1 mini quad user out there who has had similar problems, I
sure would like to hear from him.

73 de Bob/VE3VJX

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