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To: <>
Subject: HQ-1 MINI-QUAD
From: (Dick Bodine)
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 20:55:59 -0500
Tony Brock-Fisher wrote:
> Bob-
> I don't have a mini-quad, but in general I would warn about using
> silicone sealer in electronics applications. The standard silicone
> bathtub sealer sold at Home Depot generates acetic acid as part of the
> curing process, which explains the vinegar smell. The acid is corrosive,
> which is NOT what you want for electronic applications! For electronics
> applications, there are other types of silicone sealer which use different
> curing processes that are non-corrosive. I don't remember the number,
> but the stuff is called RTV, is gray, and doesn't smell like vinegar
> when curing.
> -Tony, K1KP,

Dow Corning makes an excellent product called  3145 RTV.  I believe GE 
also makes a similar product.  It comes in clear or grey and is 
non-corrosive.  There is also a primer that can be used with it to 
enhance it's "stickability."

Several years ago, I had oil seepage in an old car that would have 
required the removal of the head which I had neither the time or 
inclination to do.  I used 3145 RTV with primer and solved the leak.  It 
can be used for more than electrical work! :)

73 - Dick, WJ0M

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