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Hygain 52' Crankup - good for me?

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Subject: Hygain 52' Crankup - good for me?
From: (Scott Neader)
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 18:12:48 -0500
Been in my first home for one year now and still no tower in the air.  I
want to put one up, but don't have a lot of room in the back yard.  The
idea of a self-supporting system really sounds good.

I want to be somewhat competitive in domestic contests only.  I have it in
my head that I want a decent tribander at 60 feet (KT34? Force C4XL?),
wires for 40 & 80 (inv vees?  40-2CD up there???), who knows for 160 (maybe
load the tower?)

Anyway, I have an opportunity to purchase a used Hygain HG-52SS Crank-up
tower for $600 plus $75 shipping.  I guess I could put a decent mast up
there to get my theorical tribander at 60 feet?

Your thoughts on either my plans for a station or on the crank-up would be
much appreciated!!!!

73 - Scott KA9FOX

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