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yaesu g-xxxx rotor control

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Subject: yaesu g-xxxx rotor control
From: (David Robbins)
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 20:44:24 +0000
for abt $150 plus a few misc parts i have made a programmable controller 
for the yaesu g-xxxx rotor series. (yaesu's board lists for abt $350).  
what i don't know is what are the commands that get sent from the 
computer to the rotor?  anyone have the protocol??  this controller not 
only talks rs-232, but could have probably 16-20 preset's (if you wanted 
that many switches).  I also think that with the addition of a couple 
small relays it could control just about any rotor the same way.  anyone 
interested in such a beast??? 

73, dave
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