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Where do I put the rotor?

To: <>
Subject: Where do I put the rotor?
From: (Tom Wagner)
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 00:23:33 GMT
Hi -- 
I am replacing my Rohn 25 tube-top with a flat top section.  At the same
I'm replacing a Ham-IV with a T2X.  My question is:  With a 14' mast, where

should I put the rotor and where should I put the top set of guy wires? 
using the Rohn torque bars.)  I would like to have about 8' of mast
out of the top when I'm done. 
The 8' Rohn 25 top section looks like this: 
| | 
A Tailtwister fits inside the top two sections of the 8' section, but will
fit in any of the others.  Should I remove a diagonal strut about 6' down? 
Will I have to remove all the diagonals?   
If I do the above should I put the torque arm assembly (guys) about 
4' down from the top?  Let me know what you do.  This has got to be 
about the most common combination of components around. 
Tom - N1MM

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