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Where do I put the rotor?

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Subject: Where do I put the rotor?
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Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 10:00:29 -0400 (EDT)
Hi Tom

I had a similar situation here using 25G.  Guess it all depends on what u
intend to put on the mast.  If it's lite loading, u can put the rotor at the
top and let the 10 feet of mast stick out the top.  But the fact that ur
using a mast that long, makes me think u're gg to stack something up there?

I ended up using a longer mast(like 20 feet) and put the rotator (originally
a Wilson but now a Create 3B) at the bottom of that flat top section.  I had
to cut out one horizontal bar from the 25G flat top section to be able to
remove the rotor w/o taking it all apart, when rotor repair was needed (and
it probably will be).  I used one extra rotor plate above the rotor plate to
put the mast thru (abt halfway or more up the flat top section) to hold the
mast centered if u take out the rotor.  Turns out ta\hat was a very
worthwhile time saving move - since the mast will swing to the side of the
tower if u remove it from the rotor.

I did guy mine near the top of the flat top section with a Rohn guy bracket
- altho sume mite agrue that it should be a the rotor where the torque
pressure is.  No problems so far with a 5 el KLM 42 foot boom 20 M mono
stacked above a 2 el 40 M Mosley.  I originally had a 4 el 40 M KLM on top
with the 5 el 20 below but couldn't keep the 40 M 4 el together as well as
the rotors (Wilson at that time).

Hope all of this of some help.  My 25 G has been up since 1978 w/o any
problems.  If u overload the mast, I have seen bent flattop sections with
25G (and even 45G) with the rotor near the top.

73  George  W8UVZ

>Hi -- 
>I am replacing my Rohn 25 tube-top with a flat top section.  At the same
>I'm replacing a Ham-IV with a T2X.  My question is:  With a 14' mast, where
>should I put the rotor and where should I put the top set of guy wires? 
>using the Rohn torque bars.)  I would like to have about 8' of mast
>out of the top when I'm done. 
>The 8' Rohn 25 top section looks like this: 
>| | 
>A Tailtwister fits inside the top two sections of the 8' section, but will
>fit in any of the others.  Should I remove a diagonal strut about 6' down? 
>Will I have to remove all the diagonals?   
>If I do the above should I put the torque arm assembly (guys) about 
>4' down from the top?  Let me know what you do.  This has got to be 
>about the most common combination of components around. 
>Tom - N1MM
                                           George  W8UVZ


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