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Where do I put the rotor?

To: <>
Subject: Where do I put the rotor?
From: (Tom Wagner)
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 15:24:37 GMT
George --  
Thanks for the info.  Your solution sounds right.  
Putting the rotor near the top with a long mast 
seems like asking for trouble.  My mast is 14' 
long, but it is just water pipe.  I don't plan on  
stacking anything big (not even a 402CD).   
Tom - N1MM 
On Jun 30, 1996 10:00:29, '' wrote: 
>I ended up using a longer mast(like 20 feet) and put the rotator
>a Wilson but now a Create 3B) at the bottom of that flat top section.  I
>to cut out one horizontal bar from the 25G flat top section to be able to 
>remove the rotor w/o taking it all apart, when rotor repair was needed
>it probably will be).  I used one extra rotor plate above the rotor plate
>put the mast thru (abt halfway or more up the flat top section) to hold
>mast centered if u take out the rotor.

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