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Hot Antennas was Hygain 52' Crankup - good for me?

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Subject: Hot Antennas was Hygain 52' Crankup - good for me?
From: (Rod Greene)
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 96 17:25 MDT
Hmmmm, could this test have been performed in the hot southern climes of AZ?
I'll bet my XA would burn your hands today with temps around 100 deg.F. and
no RF applied....

73, Rod

t 10:34 AM 7/1/96 -0400, Tony Brock-Fisher wrote:
>2. As for the heating argument, I can't address the particular incident
>you related to me. However, in order for a device to be lossy, there
>has to be some lossy material involved. The traps are made out of
>conductors and insulators which by their shapes act like inductors
>and capacitors. The inductive elements are made out of aluminum tubing,
>much like the antenna itself. The losses associated with aluminum tubing
>is either resistance (negligible); or skin effect resistance. The skin
>effect resistance must also be negligible for reasonable diameter
>aluminum tubing, or the C3 would also have similar losses. as for
>the capacitors, they are also made of air and aluminum, just like the
>caps in the plate section of your linear. These cannot either be 
>expected to dissipate significant power. I just cannot find an
>explanation for traps which are constructed this way to dissipate
>significant power. Traps made with smaller diameter wire would
>have higher skin-effect losses - but still very small, as witness
>the 40-2CD traps which have a Q of 161 as measured by 'QHS.
>-Tony, K1KP,
----- Rod Greene,, <>< -----

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