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M-Square/Emoto Rotator Experience?

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Subject: M-Square/Emoto Rotator Experience?
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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 14:31:33 -0400
I have had the OR2800P from M2 on the tower for a year now, turning a 4el 40m
yagi... No problems, mechanical or electrical... even with power outages
while being rotated, etc., the programmable control box has not crashed...
The rotor itself, is a real brute... it does fit into a 25G pointy top

I do not like the manual ergonomics of the OR 2800P control box... having to
hold the CW/CCW push button and watch the display in order to select a new
heading is awkward and slow under contesting conditions (for casual dx, etc.
it is just fine)... they need to add an analog preset dial that you can just
twirl to the new heading and go back to contesting... I used the RS-232
control just to see if it worked, which it did....I have not gone to full
software control here as I have no interest in using packet spotting, etc...


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