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Side mount rotor limit stops?

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Subject: Side mount rotor limit stops?
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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 20:38:42 -0400
We let it crash, extra stuff to break down like the limit-stops you
talk of.

Once a year or so it is necessary to realign the mast in the rotor, it isn't
a big deal for us because the dead zone chosen was between South and
Southwest. By making the dead zone an area where we NEVER have need to point
the beam, the number of incidences of colision of the sidemount with the
tower are very few, and thus, need to realign the beam is infrequent. The
ends of the rotation zone are nowhere near EU JA or W/VE, i.e. S-SW is a
"contest free zone" for our beams.

I would  not call the occurence of a sidemount rotating at 1 RPM meeting the
tower leg as a crash anyway....I guess maybe it is one of them slow speed

73 - c u SS CW

Jim zx             

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